DIY: Homemade Peanut Butter

*WARNING* : KITTY: Stay far far away from this post. While I have spent the past two years living in a tiny dorm room with someone who is *deathly* allergic to nuts of any type… I have yet to be able to shake my addiction to peanuts/peanut butter/almonds/cashews..etc. (sorry Kitty I tried). So I figure while I’m […]

Magic Water

After visiting my cousin in SOHO (NYC) one afternoon, my eyes were opened to an entirely new way of drinking water. Who would have known that such a simple idea would change my life & preferences so drastically! My cousin took out a pitcher of water from his apartment fridge and proceeded to call it […]

Power Green Smoothie

This smoothie is so delicious, and the perfect way to start the day. The perfect “fast food” that you can take anywhere and on the go. For beginners: the only trick to smoothies is adding whatever you like! It’s almost impossible to mess it up. I generally like to follow the 60-40 rule. Using about 60% […]