Summer is Finally Here!


To me there is no better telling of summer having finally begun than being able to walk into the backyard and pick fresh vegetables from a garden and to be able to eat them the next minute. Even having the tiniest vegetable garden I find is so simple yet rewarding! And while I (try) to do my best to keep it happy and green during the summer, it will treat me well in return!

Take a moment to enjoy the fresh taste of summer with the most in season produce! Even if you’re not a salad fanatic like me, I challenge you all to incorporate new and fun veggies into your diet!

You can always load your salad with lean protein; grilled chicken, salmon, even a veggie burger! My favorite is to roast corn and put it on top for even more flavor! (Corn is so delicious this time of year!)

ImageSomeone recently told me that “salad is like eating air.” Au contraire.

Make it interesting, keep it fun, and most importantly, it will keep you full and satisfied until your next delicious summer meal!




hoping your summer days have been just as fresh

 xo C



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