Power Green Smoothie


This smoothie is so delicious, and the perfect way to start the day. The perfect “fast food” that you can take anywhere and on the go.

For beginners: the only trick to smoothies is adding whatever you like! It’s almost impossible to mess it up.

I generally like to follow the 60-40 rule. Using about 60% fruit to 40% vegetables. This will ensure that your smoothie will be sweet and fruity and tasting like any mix of fruits you add. You can even try adding more spinach or vegetables to your liking! You might be surprised to how sweet and fresh the vegetables are in the mix.

The main benefit of mixing veggies into a fruit smoothie is the nutrients. A mix of both vegetables and fruit provides a great source of fiber and vitamins such as iron, potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B-6. Bright fruits and berries provide antioxidants. By using a mix of fruit and vegetables, this smoothie will help you stay fuller longer. Fruits, with their high natural sugar content, will be more likely to give you a sharper spike in blood sugar, making you feel a pang of hunger as they digest at a faster. So by mixing in vegetables, it will add more bulk to the smoothie, with absolutely minimal addition of calories, as well as having endless health benefits and nutrients.

When mixing a smoothie add ingredients in the order of base fruits and vegetables, fresh berries, liquid, then ice (if using). This ensures best taste and smoothness.

For this smoothie I used:

ImageAll you have to do is chop up whatever fruits/veggies you want in your smoothie and fill up the blender!

I choose to use the NutriBullet Blender. It’s fast, provides easy portable smoothies, and is easy to use at school before class. It wasn’t too expensive of a purchase and I have found it to be so useful!


Another fantastic blender is Vitamix Blender. It is a much bigger, more powerful blender. Though it may for some seem like an expensive purchase for a blender, it’s certainly for some an investment thats worth it.



After having chosen the ingredients, it’s time to blend with liquid. Though I use water, there are so many other healthy options to add and to change the flavor of a smoothie.


  • Filtered Water
  • Coconut Water
  • Fresh fruit juices (stay away from artificial flavored high sugar juices!)
  • Almond Milk


Another great option is to give the smoothie a boost with any of many different mix ins! I always add Chia seeds to the top of my smoothies.


  • Chia seeds- Omega-3s
  • Flax Seeds- Omega-3s
  • Protein Powder
  • Goji berries- added protein and beta-carotene
  • Acai berries (or powder)- added protein and antioxidants

Remember to add ice last if you want your smoothie cold! Another option is to freeze the banana ahead of time in place of using ice cubes!


A perfectly delicious breakfast or midday pick me up. Defnitely try this recipe before the summer ends!

Good luck with your smoothie creations!

xo C





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